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WordPress users actually own their site. The most exciting thing is that it is so easy to create blogs or websites without any coding knowledge or without any previous experience. More interesting thing is that besides shopping cart plugins, there is flexibility to use plugins as desired.

Did you know that WordPress powers nearly 27 percent of all websites on the Internet? That being said, WordPress also dominates over 76 percent of the CMS market, meaning it’s used more than other CMS platforms like Magento or Drupal.

But if you are a non-tech person and thinking about using WordPress for web design, it would be wise to build your website with a professional, which will make your website faster, stronger, and also save your time to run business smoothly.

Another important thing is that due to the high popularity of WordPress, many insecure null / free themes or plugins are available on the Internet, which many people use without thinking about security issues, and this leads to website hacks or unresolved errors.

About Free and Premium Themes/Plugins

Why Premium Theme?
The purchased theme will make 100% worth of your website and protect you from hackers and rank faster every page or post. This means, your 70% work will be done. Just you have to ONN/OFF some features and change some texts or images. More specifically, you will have complete control over on the themes power and looks.

1. Your Website Look Cheap
2. No Support and No Updates
3. Not SEO-optimized
4. lack of customizability
5. Has Encrypted Scripts & Links
6. Hidden malware or malicious code risk.
6. Basic widgets and features
7. No theme options panel
8. Documentation/tutorials/update and support not available.

Why Choosing The Right Theme is Important?
As a business, brand recognition is important, and if you can’t change your website’s colors, style, or logo then you’ll struggle to stand out from your competitors. If you truly want to stand out and have an amazing website, then you’ll need to get a custom-made theme.


Check out the top 20 multipurpose themes for various Businesses

Theme NameCategoryDemoFirst CreatedTrusted ByPriceDemo Link
AvadaBusiness Multi-PurposeWebBuilderAugust 12683.6K$60Live Preview
The7Business Multi-Purpose60+2x 256229.3K$39Live Preview
BeThemeBusiness Multi-Purpose600+May 14226.6K$59Live Preview
EnfoldBusiness Multi-Purpose120+April 13226.1K$59Live Preview
BridgeMulti-Purpose Business550+April 14161K$59Live Preview
NewspaperNews, Blog, Magazine110+September 13109.4K$59Live Preview
JNewsNewspaper, Magazine, Blog150+October 179.5K$59Live Preview
SoledadNewspaper, Magazine, Blog/Vlog250+Nov,1532.5K$59Live Preview
NewsmagNewspaper, Magazine, Blog/Vlog14+Nov,1416.5K$49Live Preview
StockieCreative Portfolio, Agency, Stylish Shop150+April,191.9K$59Live Preview
KonzeptCreative Portfolio, Agency1May 122.9K$59Live Preview
Etc.Stylish Portfolio1July 19428$44Live Preview
BrooklynCreative Multi-Purpose Portfolio60+Nov, 1341K$59Live Preview
KinetikaPhotography, Multiple Portfolio Styles33+July 155K$59Live Preview
NovoPhotography, Multi-Purpose Stylish Portfolio Agency22+October 174.6K$59Live Preview
EdumaEducation Multi-Purpose20+December 1530.5K$69Live Preview
Phlox ProBusiness Multi-Purpose150+February 1326.6K$49Live Preview
KaliumCreative Multipurpose Theme28+April 1539K$59Live Preview
Grand RestaurantRestaurant Multipurpose Theme15+June 157.8K$64Live Preview
Kids LifeKindergarten, School, Multipurpose Theme5+February 152.4K$59Live Preview
StartitAgency & IT Startup Multipurpose21+November 1511.3K$69Live Preview
SaaslandAgency & IT Startup Multipurpose38+March 196K$59Live Preview
MedicareMedical Multipurpose Theme15+February 166K$69Live Preview
GymBaseBest Selling GYM Theme2+July 124.7K$59Live Preview
RekordMusic Multipurpose Theme9+April 19188$75Live Preview
ArchitectureArchitectural Multipurpose Theme1December 123K$52Live Preview

Or, are you just looking for the top 20 most featured ecommerce themes?

Theme NameCategoryDemoCreatedTrusted ByPriceDemo Link
WoodMartMulti-Purpose E-Commerce, or Marketplace67+August 1729.7K$59Live Preview
PortoMulti-Purpose E-Commerce, or Agency90+March 1560.3K$59Live Preview
FlatsomeE-Commerce, Corporate, Agency18+September 13159.8K$59Live Preview
ShopkeeperClassic Shop, Portfolio, Agency10+November 1432K$59Live Preview
Electro StoreMulti-vendor Marketplace, Shop10+May 1618.5K$59Live Preview
REHubMulti-Vendor, Marketplace, Price Comparison Review Site17+May 1425.3K$59Live Preview
KALLYASMulti-Purpose Shop, Business, Agency70+February 1348.1K$69Live Preview
XStoreMulti-Purpose Corporate, Agency and E-Commerce100+June 1624.5K$39Live Preview
Bazar ShopMulti-Purpose Classic E-Commerce10+January 1312K$64Live Preview
GoodStoreMulti-Purpose Dynamic E-Commerce22April 143.8K$44Live Preview
MarketoMulti-Purpose E-Commerce16July 184.4K$29Live Preview
ekommartMulti-Purpose Clean E-Commerce23+March 203.3K$59Live Preview
ReyMulti-Purpose Stylish E-Commerce17+October 193K$59Live Preview
KapeeMulti-Purpose E-Commerce12+August 192.2K$39Live Preview
KartPulMulti-Purpose E-Commerce10+August 192.1K$27Live Preview
eMarketMarketplace and Multi-Purpose Dynamic E-Commerce34+August 171.9K$64Live Preview
BoxShopMulti-Purpose E-Commerce8+July 172.3K$59Live Preview
ClaueMulti-Purpose Clean E-Commerce10+April 172.9K$69Live Preview
MetroMulti-Purpose Clean E-Commerce11March 202.7K$29Live Preview

Compare with these Free eCommerce Themes below (If you really on Budget)

Store-Lite | eStore | Bakery Shop | Alpha Store | Max Store | Shopical |Shopay Pro | eCommerce Market | Online Shop

Looking for a different type of theme! Select from the category link below

Corporate | Creative | Blog or Magazine | Retail | eCommerce | Entertainment | Nonprofit | Education | Technology
Real Estate | Miscellaneous | Wedding

Looking for the right theme for creating instant online business?

Get our affordable WordPress Website Design Packages and personalized Quote for every Business Project type

How we secure your startup and protect your business !!!

± 100$
Opt-in/Squeeze Page
  • One Page with 3 Sections
  • Integrates Autoresponders
  • Paid Drag and Drop Builder SN
  • Social Media Icons and URLs
  • All Device Responsive Fixes
  • Any Design You Want, Like ...
  • Integrate Audio or Video Anywhere
  • CSS3 Call To Action Button
  • Timer Expire Option
  • Pricing Table
  • Graph or Pie Chart
  • SSL integration
  • 1 Domain-Based Email
  • One Year Free Support
  • Easy Backup/Restore
± 200$
Service/Business Web
  • 6 Page/ OnePage Parallax
  • Java/CSS3 Text Effect
  • Graphics Work Up To 5
  • 1 Image/Content Slider
  • Contact/Order Forms
  • All Device Responsive fixes
  • Desired Navigation Menu/Tab
  • Enable on-page SEO
  • Fixing Any Cross Browser Issues
  • Index On Google Search
  • Arranged Admin Console
  • Creating a Full Backup
  • One Year Free Support
  • Domain-Based Email
  • SSL integration
± 200$
News/Blog/Magazine Site
  • Up To 10 Pages
  • Graphics Work Up To 5
  • Contact Forms
  • 1 Pop-up Optin
  • SSL integration
  • Domain-Based Email
  • Easy Backup/Restore
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Index On Google Search
  • Migrate your site
  • Integrate Social Media
  • Auto Social Media Syndication

How We Serve the Best for Website Future

WordPress Website Customization Hourly Rates:
We offer VERY COMPETITIVE and Straightforward hourly prices for WordPress Maintenance and Support for Every Business Type. Such a rate is not enough to solve any problem of WordPress CMS from small to big. Which is applicable for any period, except for the first 1-year of free maintenance.

Hourly rate: $35 per hour
Hourly rate for 8-hour blocks: We have 8-hour blocks of time for $200 ($25 per hour). You can use these hours on different days for any big website work that will continue.. but: there are no refunds on first 8-hour blocks.

WordPress Live Online Training:
Hourly Rates: $10
Yes, we provide live, online training on an as-need basis. Where we share a desktop screen, so you can see the training live and ask questions at any time.

+ We do development work on the live service if you want. But an extra $5 will be added to our Hourly Rates.
+ We do provide live online training for one or several people at once.
+ We can customize the training to your exact needs so you don’t have to waste time learning things twice.


Do you have more Custom Requirements?

If you are having problems with your website, or you need some help with a big or small problem, or if you want someone to help maintain your website, we can help. we provide help and support on an hourly basis for one hour, several hours, or for big updates or fixes. No problem is too small or big. For example, the following is a list of some of the problems:

+ You developed your own website, but need some help customizing the template.
+ You need help fixing some CSS / display issues in web browsers
+ You started with a website designer, but that designer has disappeared
+ You need help moving your website to another host
+ You need help installing and configuring WordPress plugins.
+ You need training on how to use WordPress.
# Call us at +8801819095253 for a free estimate or email me.

There are many other tasks that we can do for you, if you don't see one in the above list, please send us a message with what you are looking to do.

Anyway, Your invest in the beginning:

[1] A domain name is usually costing $14.99 / year
[2] Web hosting usually costs $7.99 / month.
[3] Better design themes usually cost between $40 - $70

Get in touch to get started faster. (You don’t have to waste time.)

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