Envato Theme Customization Package

Envato Theme Customization Package

15,000 ৳ 

One Page with 3 Sections
Integrates Autoresponders
Paid Drag and Drop Builder SN
Social Media Icons and URLs
All Device Responsive Fixes
Any Design You Want, Like …
Integrate Audio or Video Anywhere
CSS3 Call To Action Button
Timer Expire Option
Pricing Table
Graph or Pie Chart
SSL integration
1 Domain-Based Email
One Year Free Support
Easy Backup/Restore


Some important information:
1. We understand that not all business models are the same and not all requirements will be the same. The above eCommerce package price has been set as approximate. The final development cost may be based on the functionality of the entire project. For the most accurate pricing, contact us with a member.
2. You must pay at least 1/2 or 1/3 of the amount in advance to confirm the order. At the same time be sure to provide as much information/instructions as possible with the necessary logos, other images, special texts, or references to any 1/2 of the websites of your choice.
3. The purchase price or renewal price of the domain and hosting will not be included in the website package price and you must have full control over all the files including the login information of your hosting. In this case, we also discourage the use of unsecured local hosting services, which are purchased from third parties. Because we are responsible for protecting your website.
4. We carry one year warranty or 1-year free maintenance, but in no case is it desirable to change the file with the intervention of a third party.
5. We will provide you with all the details on how to upload more products from the admin panel or how to change any text, etc. In addition to 1-day free training, we can also provide you training at our hourly rate.

Feature Note: There are many other tasks that we have to do for your website sustainability. Still, if you don’t see one in the above list, please send us a message with what you are looking to do. Please consult with us if you need any clarification.

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