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WorkStation247 STUDIO is the progeny of Target Interact, a business process outsourcing organization, Our evolution since 2007 provides you with decades of handling campaigns of all shapes and sizes and a constant presence in a world of instability. Leverage our know-how. The WorkStation247 STUDIO team is focused on custom solutions in the call center, order fulfillment, web design & development arenas. Our skilled team has managed everything from large-scale disaster management to the most successful direct response campaigns. No matter what your business, or business model, you’ll find a wealth of experience at your fingertips.

We serve all industries


We are available to work any kind of clients. Who wants to get a one-stop solution from us. With our approach to Web Design, our methods continue to be proven in a continuous challenging marketplace with delivering what we promise.

We offer a results-driven holistic marketing approach to increase your brand’s reach and dominate your competition.


Integrated Communications

The first step to integration is to understand your existing systems. Do you have your own Website, Blog, Email newsletter, Paper magazine or newsletter, Direct mailing service, Facebook Company page, Linked in Company page, Twitter, Youtube video Channel, Tumbler & Pinterest account? Which online and offline channel you are using to promote your services or products? Are there enough traffic?…

Digital Strategy

When people digitally interact with your brand, impressions are quick and can be remembered for a long time. And people generally do not keep their opinions to themselves and share their views with friends, family, and total strangers. So when you are creating a digital experience for people, the success rate is also high.

Social Media Strategy

Now everyone is in social media. Social media around the world is widely used as a powerful tool for marketing and promotional work. You should make a better strategic plan to use social media among other effective promotional tools. So, we can manage a customized social media strategy offer for your organization or any of your suggested products or services.

Content Strategy

Content is king, which gives you unique features. Content strategies help you manage content as a business property. At the same time, search engines will show you the importance of your professionalism and excellent content.

Promotional Strategy

The main components of promotional marketing. Your relationship with the customer is made through a promotional strategy and process. Many times it is possible to promote better campaigns at a lower cost. Again, advertising media or strategies may vary for different products.

User Experience Strategy

Connection Is Two-Way, Building these relationships requires your brand to create human-centric user experiences. And in order to do that, your brand needs to understand every nuance of your audience’s motivations, behavior, and decision-making, as well as your competitive landscape and business goals.

Brand Strategy

Marketing today should mean putting humans at the center of your brand’s story, surrounding them with experiences informed by data, and ultimately making them feel validated and appreciated.

Consumer Profiling

It’s also important for us to really get to know your competitors. We want to understand who’s out there, how they set customer expectations, and where there may be opportunities to differentiate your brand or outperform the competition.

Relationship & Intelligence

Necessary steps to survive in the market by establishing a relationship with customers or potential customers. It requires rare intelligence or strategy to develop such a productive relationship. It is also important for you to change your customers’ viewpoint or start a new product or service.


Usability Design

Usability design is a viewpoint of design to meet users’ needs. If you prefer a specific choice to create a website, you have to illustrate your business picture for your customers. So you need a user-centric design to create a good user experience.

Navigation Planning

It’s important, based on the topic of what your visitors or audiences are looking for or what they are asking for. Otherwise, your main purpose may be confused because of your visitor’s or audience’s annoyance. An example for the website: Place the Key Text or Main  Menu or Call-to-Action Buttons in the right position. (and much more)

Digital Copywriting

To sell your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action copywriting is must. No matter what media you are using you need a good copywriting service to represent yourself. If you can make people to pay attention they will buy anything you are selling. To increase your sell and profit you need to use copywriting as a smart tool for your marketing.

Social Content Creation

We are all using social media for our business, so maybe you have a lot of content on each of your social media, but you probably need strategic means of using those tools. We are able to convert your social profile into long-term resources through the use of infographics, including creating smart content for your company.

Brand Logo Design

The answer is that your visual identity should help tell your brand story. You need to be able to express your brand story not only clearly, but specifically—the more specific the details, the more memorable the story.

Graphic Design

Increase your website’s footfalls with immaculate graphic designs. Graphic design on our part could be something just as simple as drawing up the visuals necessary for an online PR campaign. Or, it could be something quite important as thinking up and designing a Logo for your business that will help generate brand awareness on your behalf.


Our services include Flash Animation, Animated Video, Animated Storyboard, Animation, Animated, Screenplay, Special Animation Services, Animation for E-learning, Animation for Websites, Animation for Organizations, Animation for Entertainment / Promotion.

Video Production

There’s no denying that video is an essential component of an effective marketing strategy in the digital era. Digital audiences crave video content and brands should be investing in this channel in order to stay relevant and connect with their key consumer groups.

Video is a natural medium for telling a story. Take advantage of this fact when crafting videos for your brand.

Audio Mixing

We can use free or commercially useable music or background music for sound selection, which will save your initial cost! Because there are much good quality sound or background music available in the online industry. Or you can use paid sound or background music as well.


Branded Experiences

Your brand will stay in the market with special emotion for many years. Like any established brand, we also want to establish a connection with your customers, by prominently focusing on your brand key factors, which will keep us all connected.

Social Applications

In the presence of online media, the importance of social media is often the main. So we always pay attention to the use of share buttons or icons in different ways or use of all widgets in social media. Likewise, you will also need to synchronize your product with social pages while creating an eCommerce site. We also check out different types of hashtags that applicable to your brand.

API/Platform Development

There are typically two use cases for APIs. The first is building a developer community to extend the ability of your platform. The second is building a service that other people can use and pay you for; sometimes APIs as a service are free and monetized by other means. Both use cases make it much easier for a company to get the functionality.

Database schematics

A database schematic is a way to logically group objects such as views, tables, stored procedures etc. Think of a schematic as a container of objects.

Rich Media

Rich media is an internet advertising term for a web page ad that uses advanced technology such as streaming video, downloaded applets (programs) that interact instantly with the user that change when the user’s mouse passes over it.


Our developers are well-versed with this universally accepted programming language. It facilitates SEO compliant websites and supported by all the browsers. Html has been used to form the structural layout for web development since the less digitized days, and it is crucial till date.


This front-end framework tools enables faster and customized web development with HTML and CSS based templates and JavaScript extensions. It is a modern approach to build websites that are compliant with multiple devices, screens or windows of desktops, laptops, tabs and mobiles.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) made it possible for web designers to be more creative regarding the presentation and style of a website. This style sheet language facilitates stunning visuals and vibes to your online site. It’s one of the integral pillars of web development along with Html.


PHP is is one of the most loved development platform of the world. As it is cost effective and efficient we also love to develop solution with PHP. We have created several projects on PHP and able to create almost any solution needed for business automation.


Media Planning & Buying

We also take responsibility to reach targeted and potential customers. However, we only provide services for digitally presentable online media. We select the right media for displaying your message and ensure the right customers’ position for your product.

Integrated Email Marketing

One of the main components of the entire experience enabled through email marketing services is that it speeds up your Sales Cycle. So, tap into the power of email marketing with our team’s professional services.

Traditional Media Planning

It is not wrong that traditional media would not be sufficient for many. For example, professional flyer, billboard, TV commercial, radio advertisement, and paper or magazine. But a successful media plan and the right buyer make the success of any brand. So to understand the position of your customer, you also have to be up-to-date with the technology as well as on the back of traditional media usage.

Social Media Management

Social media is an ongoing thing where everyone may know about your brand presence for the first time. So be careful about your social profile as well as up-to-date. Otherwise, many will not know the value of your brand or your brand may almost become ineligible. So, we take the responsibility to keep all your social media up-to-date as a monthly, through various activities.

Social Media Outreach

No matter how great your content is, if nobody knows about it in the world, then it is in insignificant. So if you see a lot of people with your content, then we will need to follow the complete guidelines, including using social media syndication tools to ensure maximum connection.

Behavioural Segmentation

Behavioral divisions, based on their behavior-based population-based population, share the reactions of people, products or services, or on the basis of knowledge. It is a careful study of the market and customers. It is necessary to achieve sales and advertising goals.

Market Segmentation

If you do not accept intelligent and influential marketing services, your campaign will be unnecessarily cost-effective. So, you need the right product, the right influencer, and the right audience, all at the right time.

Analytics Reporting

Getting to know about live reporting system is the best part of digital marketing. This means that collecting real-time information about where your traffic is from, when, or how many ages, etc., which provide you with exclusive privileges during your campaign, to understand your target audience.


Owning a website is not enough anymore as more leads are generated online. Every business needs to pick them faster and act smart.  We are keenly observing the evolution of SEO and SEM methods over time. We have mastered the best potential way to make your site searchable and raised on the search result page.


Building Brands Since ’07

We’re a dedicated team of designers, writers, strategists, developers and account specialists who share a common passion for great design. Together we create extraordinary brand experiences that help companies establish their voice and elevate their brands. Our work is renowned for its highly-crafted design, and its ability to drive action.

Our Special Sauce

What makes us different? Our people. They bring unparalleled experience, passion and commitment to every project and every client. And because we value quality, integrity and relationships above all else, we’ve forged long-term partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands. We’d love to get to know you, and see what remarkable things we can accomplish together.


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Any digital presentation is often the most meaningful touchpoint of a brand. But, the web offers a level of engagement and storytelling that no other medium can provide. And we tap that potential for our clients by building groundbreaking websites that are equal parts strategic vision, data-driven insights, advanced technology, and pioneering design. The result is a singular interactive journey that leads straight to brand loyalty.

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