Top 3 Best Highest Paying URL Shortener

If you are tired of looking for ways to earn money online, you can use the URL shortened services to earn money online. Similarly, in the future, these URL shortened tools can be an extra source of income and there is no easier way to earn money than online from URL shortened services. So, the following 3 highest paying URL Shortener will benefit you much more.

For some more reasons, you must use URL shortened services,
• In many places, you may need to publish the link in a small way.
• Actually, you will work with links to almost all online activities.

Even if you do not have any website/blog, you can earn some money in this method. But we must mention that through this you will never expect to be the source of big income, as we said earlier. It will be an extra source of income with your online job with a website or blog, from which you may earn a little over $100 per month. Which will be possible for you using the highest paying URL shortener service.

What is URL Shorten Link and how it works?

It’s an online tool. There are just some good quality websites online that provide services like this. Similarly, there are some websites that provide services but there is no benefit to earning. Eg, Bitly. Websites like (, similar websites but these two websites have the opportunity to make money by using the highest paying URL shortener service.

How It Works: That’s why you get the opportunity to earn money because when you click on that shortened link they will display their ads for 5 seconds, then after clicking on “Skip Ads“, you can see the actual link you provided.

An Example of a Shorten Link:

Actual Link:
Shorten Link:

Hopefully, you have to understand what Shorten Link is and how it works.

How to shorten/shrink a link?

After signing up on those highest paying URL shortener websites, you will see a box to shrink your link, where you will paste your link and click on the shrink button and you will see the desired shrink link. Although you can see the shrink button without signing up, if you want to earn then you need to create an account on those highest paying shortener websites.

Best paying URL shortening services

We would suggest working with the following highest paying URL shortener three websites to create a good source of income from global visitors. For more details, go to those highest paying URL shortener websites, and below I present some information about their services here.

#1 is a European Shorten Link Service provider. offers more money than other Shorten Link Service providers. As high as $12 per 1000 views for some countries.

  • 5$ minimum payout threshold.
  • Multiple withdraw options – PayPal, WebMoney, and Payoneer.
  • Ads are always of high quality. No sensitive ads.
  • Dedicated social share widget for blogs and websites.
  • Many more tools to maximize your income through your blogs and websites.
  • FREE API!!! are you a developer? If yes, then you can understand its importance.

#2 was far superior to their various developer tools for the past several years. But for the past few years, many countries have banned this service in their country for their sensitive advertisements and for many reasons. However, the use of the service has started again and the number of users is increasing again. So if you want to work with some specific visitors then you can use without any thought too.

  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Payment Time: Monthly (10th Date)
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Skrill, & Payoneer

#3 is one of the most popular Shorten Link Service networks because users can earn at any time anytime. pays $2.55 per 1000 visitors and you get 20% commission from the user through the referral program. This means that if you mention 10 users about Linkshrink, then earn $2 per day for every 1 person. But you will earn a total of $ 4 daily without any effort.

  • Payment Options:
  • Payout: $ 1.50 – $ 5.o0/1000 views
  • Minimum Payout: $ 5,00
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill
  • Payment Time: Instant

Apart from the above-mentioned 3 sites, you may also see the names of similar websites (,, However, to say this, there is no possibility of deceiving you on the sites mentioned above with details.

How To Earn Money with URL Shorten

As we mentioned earlier, even if you do not have any blog or website, you can still earn from the highest paying URL shortener service. So, we will try to mention both of these issues as briefly as possible on this page.

For Bloggers and Marketers:

If you want, you can earn from Shorten Link only through some links. But the best and long-term way to earn money through URL Shorten is to use Shorten Link Services for all links on your website. It does not work for people who do not own a website. For those who are not usually managing a website for themselves, such a service may not be very effective.

E.g. highest paying URL shortener sites will provide a bulk script for your startup and place it just above

After setting up the script, when your visitor clicks a link on your website, the shortened link will automatically be converted and your account will be credited.

But we also want to mention that if all the links are used like Shorten Link then your visitor can get annoyed. So you can use this just for a blog or website where your visitors will have special attractions. For example, Software, Video, Mp3 Collection Site.

[ Click on this image to see the video named: *SUMMER WINE* ]

or to download image/ software

For Non-Bloggers / Part-timers

Social media is the place where millions of people are browsing every day, especially (Facebook, Twitter, etc). So this is the best and easiest way to earn money, but it is a short-term income path. Because you can not get the opportunity to share links directly to the Facebook site, but you can share such links to other social media sites. So start sharing your link on these numerous social media sites, and start earning.

For earning money from Facebook, if you used the Shorten link on a free blog post, you can earn a lot of money by sharing that post on Facebook.

Now suppose, if you have 500 friends in your profile and your post is interesting that your 300 friends clicked and 20 of your friends shared. Then your Shorten Link will spread around Facebook. And if your link is 1000 clicks, then you can earn up to $ 12. In this case, depending on your geographical location, you can earn $0.012 per click

In this way, you create a fan page, create a Facebook group or share on WhatsApp, start increasing your earnings by increasing visitors.

The Last Thing

This is really a very easy way to earn from those highest paying URL shortener websites with a little bit of work. Here you can sign up for any 2 sites, start your income. Spread your links as much as possible and earn money. After doing some work and income in this way, you can invest in creating self-hosted blogs so that you can earn more money from the highest paying URL shortener sites.

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